MPS Hot Offer Stock & Application

- Jan 05, 2018 -

MPS Hot Offer Stock & Application

MPSMP3414AGJ-Z12000Battery-Powered Products / Personal Medical Devices / Portable Media Players /Wireless Peripherals /Handheld Computers and Smartphones  电池供电的产品/个人医疗设备/便携式媒体播放器/无线外设/掌上电脑和智能手机
MPSMP2315GJ-Z1200000Notebook Systems and I/O Power /Digital Set Top Boxes/Flat Panel Television and Monitors                                       笔记本系统和I / O电源/数字机顶盒/平板电视和显示器
MPSMP8708EN-LF-Z20000Notebook Systems and I/O Power/ Networking Systems / Digital Set Top Boxes / Personal Video Recorders/ Flat Panel Television and Monitors/ Distributed Power Systems   笔记本系统和I / O能力/网络系统/数字机顶盒/个人录像机/平板电视和显示器/分布式电力系统
MPSMPQ4462DQ-AEC10000High-Voltage Power Conersion /Automotive Systems/Industrial Power Systems /Distributed Power Systems/Battery Powered Systems                                                                                                                           高压电力转换/汽车系统/工业电力系统/分布式电力系统/电池供电系统
MPSMPQ2013AGQ-AE10000Industrial/Automotive Applications /Portables/Battery-Powered Equipment/Ultra low power Microcontrollers/Cellular Handsets/Medical Imaging 

MPSMP2482DN-LF-Z10000Digital Set Top Boxes/Personal Videl Recorders/Broadband Communications /Flat Panel Television and Monitors              数字机顶盒/个人录像机/宽带通信/平板电视和显示器
MPSNB634EL-LF-Z30000Notebook Systems and I/O Power /Networking Systems / Digital Set Top Boxes / Personal Video Recorders / Flat Panel Television and Monitors / Distributed Power Systems  笔记本系统和I / O能力/网络系统/数字机顶盒/个人录像机/平板电视和显示器/分布式电力系统
MPSMP2303ADN-LF-Z40000Distributed Power Systems / Pre-Regulator for Linear Regulators / Notebook Computers  分布式电力系统/线性监管者Pre-Regulator /笔记本电脑
MPSMP1584EN-LF-Z100000High Voltage Power Conversion / Automotive Systems / Industrial Power Systems / Distributed Power Systems / Battery Powered Systems 高压电源转换/汽车系统/工业电力系统分布式电力系统/电池供电的系统
MPSMP2122GJ-Z183000Small/Handhold Devices/DVD Drivers/Portable Instruments/Smartphone and Feature Phones /Battery-Powered Devices                    小/手持设备/ DVD驱动器/便携式仪器/智能手机和功能手机/电池供电设备
MPSMP9447GL-Z50000General Consumer/USB Power Supplies/Cigarette Lighter Adapters/Power Supply for Charges                                       一般消费者/ USB电源/点烟器适配器/充电电源
MPSMP2482DN-LF-Z20000Digital Set Top Boxes/Personal Videl Recorders/Broadband Communications /Flat Panel Television and Monitors              数字机顶盒/个人录像机/宽带通信/平板电视和显示器

General Description

The MP1410 is a monolithic step-down switchmode regulator with a built in internal Power MOSFET. It achieves 2A continuous output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation. Current mode operation provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. Fault condition protection includes cycle-bycycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. In shutdown mode the regulator draws 25µa of supply current. The MP1410 requires a minimum number of readily available standard external components.

Good price Integrated Circuits MP1410ES-LF-Z


2A Output Current

0.18ohm Internal Power MOSFET Switch

Stable with Low ESR Output Ceramic capacitors

Up to 95% Efficiency

20uA Shutdown Mode

Fixed 380kHz frequency

Thermal Shutdown

Cycle-by-cycle over current protection Wide 4.75 to 15V operating input range

Output Adjustable from 1.22 to 13V

Programmable under voltage lockout Available in 8 pin SO

Evaluation Board Available


PC Monitors

Distributed Power Systems

Battery Charger

Pre-Regulator for Linear Regulators

Good price Integrated Circuits MP1410ES-LF-Z