Global Network:

ASCO utilizes our global distribution network to procure your components at the best possible price with the best-qualified supplier. The "Independent Distributor" driven model does not limit us in our supply base. Our ability to track our customers’ and suppliers inventory Real-Time will allow us to quote immediate availabilities.

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Vendor Management: 

ASCO maintains a supplier rating system to track the performance and quality of our vendors in real time. This supplier rating system focuses on receipts, quality, timeliness and overall impression.

Purchasing Footprint: 

Our purchasing agents are strategically located and speak multiple languages, making us global and local at the same time with the capability to work on your requirements 24 hours a day throughout the year.


Inventory and Excess Management Solutions: 

Our asset management team analyzes your excess inventory and matches it to the demand of our other customers to create a revenue stream for your ageing or dead inventory. This allows you to reduce the total cost of ownership that includes depreciating assets, storage and capital costs.


Our customized software solution: Asco quickly identifies potential cost savings opportunities by analyzing your bill of material. Asco is also where all availabilities from our global suppliers are uploaded, and we can use this to immediately pinpoint the source when it comes to a shortage situation hence assisting the customer in preventing a line down situation.